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Aygun Alizade

Aygun Alizade is a professional lawyer with more than 10 years of experience in various areas of law. She mainly specializes in public service, labour law and public administration.

In 2009, she graduated from the Faculty of “International Law” of the Western University. Then in 2011 she received a Master's degree in “International Law” from Baku State University. Currently defending her doctoral dissertation in jurisprudence at Baku State University.

In 2009-2011 she passed an internship at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Justice, In 2012-2014 she worked as a senior consultant at the State Agency for Public Service and Social Innovations under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, from 2014 to 2020 she was a senior consultant of the State Agency on Renewable Energy Sources, and from August 2020 to August 2021 - head of the sector of the State Service of Labor Inspection under the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection. Since August 2021 she has been working as a senior lawyer at Legalize Law Firm.  

Aygun Alizade engaged in pedagogical activity since 2011. She teaches at the Faculty of Law of Baku State University, and has also taught International Law, International Private Law, European Law and International Maritime Law.

Aygun Alizade speaks Azerbaijani at the level of her native language, Turkish at an excellent level, Russian and English at an intermediate level.


Aygun Alizade participated in the following local and international trainings and events:


  • ABA/CEELI, Training program "Street Law", October 2005 - May 2006;
  • ABA/CEELI, “Commercial Law Legal English”, 01 - 14 September 2007;
  • ABA/CEELI, “Skill of Advocates in Courts”, November 2009;
  • ABA/CEELI, “Securities law: Economic foundations, Legislation and International practice”, 04 September 2010;
  • ABA/CEELI, “International trade (Incoterms)” , 17 June 2012;
  • Computer science institute of the Republic of Azerbaijan, information technology course, 2012;
  • Karnegi Club Training Center, “Oratory skills”, 2013;
  • Karnegi Club Training Center, “Time management”, 2013;
  • Karnegi Club Training Center, «Mind Map», 2013;
  • ASAN imza, Trainings on certificates «Electronic Signature», 2014;
  • Academy of Justice, Notarial services, 2014;
  • Identification of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Trainings are conducted on the passport of citizens, 2014;
  • State Migration Service, "Temporary and permanent residence permits and individual work permits", 2014;
  • State Tax Service, Training on "State Registration of Individuals and Legal Entities", 2014;
  • Service of the State Registry of Real Estate “Trainings on workload and real estate registration”, 2014;
  • State Examination Center “Civil Servants Training”, 2015;
  • Trainings on "Renewable Energy Sources", 2016;
  • Trainings on energy law, 2017-2018;
  • Training on renewable energy – ADA University 2019;
  • Trainings on labor protection, 2020;
  • Trainings on the Labor Code, 2020;
  • Trainings on the Code of Administrative Offenses.


Other activities:


  • Provided free legal aid to citizens at the Western University Legal Clinic.
  • Undertook an internship at the International Cooperation Department of the Ministry of Justice.
  • Participated in online trainings and seminars on human rights in Europe.



  • “Institute of International Commercial Arbitration” Western University Journal;

  • Principles of International Law, Scientific conference of Baku State University;

  • Rights and duties of foreigners and stateless persons, Journal of International Law;

  • International criminal law, International legal fight against illicit trafficking in arms, International conference dedicated to the 100th anniversary of BSU.