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Afat Yusubova

Afat Yusubova

Afat Yusubova is a professional specialist, holding various positions in the production sector, taking part in the implementation of many projects. For more than 30 years, she worked as an economist, chief specialist in labor, as well as in the field of wages.

The existence of different working regimes, different fields (construction and production) and harmful working conditions in "Baku Metropoliteni" CJSC resulted in the fact that during her labor activity he encountered many problems and, as a result, accumulated a large and rich experience. In addition, she has rich experience in determining solutions to problems arising in individual labor disputes, implementing timekeeping in workplaces, determining work norms for multi-shift work modes, night and evening shifts in accordance with the requirements of the legislation.

In recent years, she has been leading projects to improve working conditions, labor standards and the wage system in accordance with international standards (implementation of the Hay-Grading system).
Afat Yusubova is currently the head of the Labor and salary department of "Baku Metropolitan" CJSC.