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Compliance services
We provide our clients with services covering areas such as the fight against bribery (ABC) and the fight against the legalization (laundering) of money or other property acquired by criminal means and the financing of terrorism (AML/CFT).

Compliance services in Baku

  1. Conducting ABC and AML/CFT assessments;
  2. Bringing all internal company processes into compliance with the anti-corruption management system (ABMS) ISO 37001 standards and consulting services for ISO 37001 certification
  3. Performing the function of internal compliance of the company;
  4. Conducting internal investigations;
  5. Conducting trainings in this area.

In particular, it is important for you to know the following information about the support services we offer our customers in relation to preparing for ISO 37001 certification and arranging the corresponding audit:

What is ISO 37001 and where is it used?

ISO 37001:2016 is an anti-corruption management system that is designed to apply to all organizations (or parts of organizations), public, private, or non-profit sectors, regardless of type, size, or nature of business.

The benefits

  1. In terms of compliance
    • Reduces the risks of bribery;
    • Confirms the company's (organization's) fight against bribery;
    • Ensures continuous development in the fight against bribery.
  2. In terms of corporate ethics
    • Protects the company (organization) from damage to business reputation;
    • Encourages confidence and trust in the organization;
    • Prevents cases of conflicts of interest;
    • Develops an anti-bribery culture.
  3. From a business perspective
    • Increases competitiveness;
    • Contributes to the international recognition of the company (organization) and increases its reputation among foreign partners;
    • Creates conditions for attracting new business.

What are the steps involved in preparing for certification?

1. Preliminary evaluation
A request and a list of necessary documents are sent to the client for the preliminary evaluation. The submitted documents and information are analyzed, and a preliminary evaluation report is prepared.

2. Risk analysis
At this stage, based on the preliminary evaluation report, a risk assessment is carried out and an action plan to eliminate or mitigate risks is developed.

3. Drafting of documents
Based on the pre-evaluation report and action plan, all documents necessary for the company (organization) to undergo certification (e.g. code of conduct, anti-bribery and corruption policy, monitoring program, etc.) are prepared, or existing documents are adapted to the requirements of ISO 37001.

4.  Communication and training
At this stage, initial familiarization and informing of employees, internal audit, classification of employees by risk categories, training by risk categories, determination of the list of audited persons and training of employees and conducting verification interviews with them in order to prepare for the audit are carried out.

5.  Organization and support of audits
This stage includes organizing the audit, accompanying the organization during the audit and supporting the organization in the post-audit period.

The Legalize team's experience in this area:
One of the main areas of specialization of the company's founder-partners is compliance. Ruslan Bayramov is an internal auditor specializing in ISO 37001, the anti-bribery management system. He participated in the creation of an anti-bribery compliance system in more than 70 micro, small and medium-sized businesses. Fuad Gashamov participated in the following ISO 37001 trainings: ISO 37001:2016: Anti-Corruption Management System, Introduction and Implementation, British Standards Institute, May 2017; ISO 37001 Core Guide, Lloyd's Register, April 2020.

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