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Our service fee policy

Considering the needs of our clients, we offer the following payment options for services:

Hourly rates – it is a traditional form of payment for the provision of professional services, where the total service fee is calculated based on the rates taking into account time spent on work.

Fixed fee – It is the most convenient form of payment for clients where the service fee is set out for agreed scope in advance.

Capped fee – if the scope of work is large or uncertain, a capped fee can be proposed  in order to not exceed the budget for the work predetermined by the client. In this regard, no matter how large the workload and how much time is spent on the work, the amount will not exceed the maximum limit, but rather, if less time is spent on the work, amount is likely to be lower than the maximum limit calculated according to the hourly rate.

Mixed model of payment – by applying some of the payment options listed above for the services provided, we can also offer a mixed form in accordance with the budget of our clients.