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Our purpose, mission and corporate values

Our purpose

Is to be one of the leading and internationally ranked law firms in Azerbaijan in business law, commercial dispute resolution, compliance and legal reforms.
Our target clients are government agencies, public legal entities, local and foreign companies (especially, companies from the USA, UK, Italy, Turkey, Russia, Korea, Japan and China).    

Our mission

The mission of Legalize Law Firm consists of the followings:

  • Being a reliable legal partner of leading local and foreign companies;
  • Providing legal support to institutional and economic reforms carried out by the State;
  • Providing high quality services to our clients at affordable prices.

Our corporate values:

Empathy – To identify the problems and offer specific practical solutions to our clients, we put ourselves into their shoes and look at the problems through their eyes.

Synergy – We do not represent the internal team of our corporate clients out of the process. By interacting with them and leveraging their technical expertise in the relevant field, we create synergy effect and strive to further contribute to the work of our clients.

Reliability – We are a reliable bridge between your business and the law. You can easily entrust us with the interests of your business/company. Meeting your expectations and hopes is our main objective.   

Individual approach – Each of our clients is very valuable to us, and we treat each of them with special concern and individuality.

Proactivity – We prefer a proactive (pre-incident) approach to our clients' problems / risks rather than a reactive (post-incident) approach. By acting proactively, we mitigate the business risks of our clients.

Perfection – To carry out our work at a high level, we exercise all our best endevaours.